Sergiu Sebastian Tauciuc (friends call me Sebi)

Library, kids and the Internet - Huskvarna Library

May 2009
Sebi Tauciuc
concept design, interaction design, prototyping
Sebi and the kids, Huskvarna Library Girl writing. Physical honor shelf experiment Boy smiling. Physical honor shelf experiment


Comics made by the kids

For my first year’s individual project in the IxD school, I had the fortune of working with the Library in Huskvarna, on their Room as a Medium project.

The library had started a project for reshaping the children's section of the library. They had ran a mini-project for redesigning the space (together with Ikea) and one for including some interactive installations in the redesigned space. They were interested in working with the web as well, and discovering how the books, physical space and the web could all be brought together.

Project Brief

Can the room, the physical and the virtual, interact with the media and consumers?


Based on interviews with the stakeholders and the kids and on individual research, I defined the following framing for the project, to lead my concept development:

The honor shelf concept using kids' comics as contentFind concepts that will make children come to the library, find it fun, interesting and exciting, and feel that they are important and their contribution matters.
The library should keep its role as a place for learning, where the methods for learning are innovative and diverse.
Socializing and community building (communication) should be central to further developments.

I suggested various possibilities for increasing the kids' interest in the library. The final proposals were more closely connected to the web (the library's blog), and shown in the presentation and the videos below.


Vote your favorites - rules from Sebi Tauciuc on Vimeo.

Vote your favorites - test run from Sebi Tauciuc on Vimeo.

Shelf chat - how it works from Sebi Tauciuc on Vimeo.

Discussion shelf - web from Sebi Tauciuc on Vimeo.

I also blogged about the library project, and shared my interview results and a mind-map of my observations.

Interview results summarized in a mindmap