Sergiu Sebastian Tauciuc (friends call me Sebi)

Memory Exerciser

September 2008
Matthew Goble, Katrin Lutkemoller, Thierry Giles, Sebi Tauciuc
interaction design, prototyping


This was the first project in the Interaction Design master program at K3 (School of Arts and Communication), Malmö University.

Project Brief

Your task is to develop an interactive digital system that reminds people in everyday contexts.


The concept behind the Memory Exerciser is simple: when you need to remember something, associate it with a color and then turn the color on on your Memory Exerciser. When you don't need to remember anymore (i.e. you're done with that task), turn the color off. At any point during the day, check the status of your colors to see what remains to be done. Through repetition, you will slowly start remembering on your own, with no need to check.

Here's a presentation of our concept (presentation author: Matthew Gobble)

My main contribution to the project was creating the prototypes of the Memory Exerciser. One of them was focused more on one possible form of the device (we needed it to shoot the video), and one of them was focused more on the experience of use (very low-fi, but it actually worked, so we could give it out to users and get feedback).

The memory exerciser prototype worn on a hand (like a watch)The memory exerciser experience prototype, attached to a key chain.