Sergiu Sebastian Tauciuc (friends call me Sebi)

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November 2004 - June 2005
Sebi Tauciuc
interaction design, web UI design, web development


This project was developed with the main purpose of being presented as Graduation Thesis at my Computer Science Faculty graduation.


The idea of the project started from observing a real world need which, in my opinion, was not served well enough by the social applications of the time: although there were many services allowing the publication of individual photo albums, there was no application or service centered around shared albums, or group albums.

The challenge was creating a web application that would not only work well and solve the identified user needs, but also incorporate advanced web technologies and algorithms in order to meet the technical expectations of the evaluators.


Since it was a graduation thesis, I designed, built and tested the whole application myself. The technologies used (ASP.NET, XML search indexing, RDF-based photo search engine), combined with the powerpoint presentation and a live demo of the working application, reached their goal of impressing the 'customers' and got me a 10 (maximum grade) for the project.
However, the focus on technology that was required, my being both the designer and the developer of the project and the limited time available for the project somewhat affected its interaction design. If I were to launch the project in the real world, a redesign would probably be in order.

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