Sergiu Sebastian Tauciuc (friends call me Sebi)

Romanian Evening

May 2007
Loredana Lacatus, Sebi Tauciuc
interaction design, event planning


Organized with the help of Aiesec Helsinki, the purpose of the ‘country evening’ events is to promote multi-culturality, diversity and tolerance. My girlfriend and I were in charge of presenting our own country, Romania.


Create a both entertaining and informative event which would enable the participants to experience the feeling of Romania.
Attendees: 20-30 people, mostly students. Budget: 60Euro.


The presentation carried the audience in a small journey of Romania, sharing feelings and facts mixed together, presenting some of Romania’s wonders but also using some self-irony and humour along the way.

The Romanian traditional dishes were prepared by an authentic and very nice Romanian house-lady, whom we managed to find helped by acquaintances and good luck.

The traditional pottery was borrowed from the Romanian Embassy in Finland.

The “interactive wall” used a more old-fashioned approach to interactivity: small labeled envelopes contained little notes with information, short stories, jokes or other bits and pieces of Romania. The goal was preventing the presentation from becoming cluttered with information, while still providing that information, in a much more appealing form and only to those interested in it.  

The mood wall combined photos and words or short phrases which tried to convey some of the feelings we have when we think about our home.


There were 35 attendees and the general impression was a very good one.
According to our feedback forms' results, the strong points of the event were organization (9,75), providing a good time (9,5) and the impression of Romania (9,4), while a weaker point was the amount of information gotten (7,5).