Sergiu Sebastian Tauciuc (friends call me Sebi)


January 2008
Sebi Tauciuc
interaction design, interface design, mobile


This project was done as a design assignment in the process of applying for the Interaction Design Master's program available at the Malmö University.


The design assignment presents a description of Ronny, a 40-year old headhunting business manager, and assigns the task to develop and present one or more concepts for interactive digital products that support Ronny in his daily communication with his family.

Besides the design itself, the assignment requires, of course, a clear and convincing way of presenting the solution.


The first step was to further build on the persona description and make Ronny even more credible and "real". Based on the information from the design assignment, I added some credible demographics and technology usage information and created a persona sheet for Ronny.

Next, I developed a context scenario based on the situation proposed in the assignment, to learn about Ronny's communication needs in his daily life. I added a second context scenario to get more insights.

The tasks the product needed to support in each context were summarized in a task list. Some of the important tasks were detailed further in task flow diagrams (finding jacob taskflow and conversation taskflow)

Then, I built paper prototypes of a device that I considered suited to the context, using available information to guide the design. I tested the prototypes and their behavior against the initial context scenarios. At the end, I described the behavior of the device and other aspects of the design in a "design decisions" document, which, together with all the other documents, formed my design solution.