Sergiu Sebastian Tauciuc (friends call me Sebi)

The Spot

January - March 2009
Rob Nero, Chad Petersen, Katrina, Sebi Tauciuc
service design,   place-specific design,   experience prototyping,   play-acting
Chad broadcasting music through  bluetooth in the Gustav Adolfs Square Chad and Rob preparing the bluetooth tower mockup
Ibbe teaching Maxie how to mix Gordon ok in the RGRA house


This was the fourth project in the Interaction Design master program at K3, Malmö University. It was part of a EU-funded project and a collaboration between Malmö Högskola, the youth grass-roots organization RGRA and other stakeholders.

Project Brief

Our task was to find ways in which the Bluetooth technology could be used to help RGRA promote their organization and distribute their music.


The Spot logoThe main challenge of this project was getting hold of our stakeholders / target group. Due to poor syncrhonisation between the school schedule and RGRA's plans, and a bad start in communication, it was impossible to work together with our agreed RGRA connections.

However, we managed to find ways to connect to other members in the organization, and get access to the insights and feedback that we needed. Our final, refined solution received excellent feedback from our contacts in RGRA. (i.e. Johan: When can we have it?)

The Spot video explains our final solution, together with the design decisions that lead us there.


The interaction map summarizes our proposed service:

The Spot: Idea Pitch and Service Map